Friday, June 29, 2007

A Garden Surprise

Hmmm... I was in my back yard this morning trying to drill some holes in my new bats when I was totally distracted by my lawn. Now, my back lawn in not very pristine due to our fire pit but this was unusual. There were little green sprouts sticking up about an inch higher than the actual grass blades...and they were everywhere. I took a closer look and then started lauging out loud. I remembered last year as I was planting my herb garden, my hard working husband was mowing the grass at the same time. This recipe for disaster ended up with some of my seed packets being sucked up into the lawn mower...and that is why my lawn is now infiltrated with cilantro and parsley!


tiina said...

That sounds like a wonderful surprise, I'm glad they grew! May your lawn be ever-fragrant with herbs.

Pam McFadyen said...

Wow, it sure is. I mowed the lawn and my whole back yard smelled like salsa! I love cilantro!