Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mugs without Handles

Here is a small sample of mugs that you can hug to keep your hands warm in the winter months. Two are in Midnight Sea which is a dark olive with blue accents. The third is glazed in waterlily, a lighter speckled olive with blue and white accents. They vary in height from 3 1/2 to 4 3/4 inches.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hanging Planters

I had a request for hanging planters and found these in storage just waiting to find a home. The photos are not the best but they give you an idea of the shape. Colors are similar to the photos in my Etsy shop so you can look at them there to get an accurate idea.
Here is a sunny yellow planter that has a diameter of 6 inches and a depth of 6 inches.

Here is a cone shaped planter in Blue Hydrangea (check my Etsy shop for accurate color of this baby blue speckled green glaze) diameter 6 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 depth

This Blue Hydrangea glaze finishes this rounder planter - 7 inch diameter by 4 inch depth

This is a deep blue/black glaze on a pot that is 7 inch Diametr by 4 inches in depth.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Altered Pottery Mugs

Can you tell that I have been infatuated with mugs lately?

I participated in the St. Clair Art Walk a few weeks ago and almost sold out of mugs. So I have been furiously making all shapes and sizes of mugs since then. Here are my latest Altered Mugs. They have an organic, triangular rim which makes them super fun to drink from. I also added a Brilliant Blue glaze to give them even more energy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mug Request

I recently had a request for a set of 5 mugs to be given out as bridal party gifts. What a great idea! Here are a few groupings with some variety of shapes.

Friday, August 29, 2008

BACK the Beach Pottery Sale

I was quite thrilled when I was asked to participate in the BACK the Beach event. Local artists and businesses are hosting a concert and art sale to support proper development of the beach area. The charm of the beaches is due to the independent stores and character houses. It would be a shame to have box stores and huge condo towers replace these. Come out on Sept 7th to support our Beaches, listen to some great music and maybe even buy your new favorite coffee mug from me!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cubicle Teapots -Sold

Well, it didn't take long to sell my first cubicle teapot. They were quite fun to make so I may have to produce more. The only trick is to make the holes in the spout large enough so that the glaze doesn't clog the pour. I like drinking loose leaf tea, so these little guys are perfect!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Blooms

Well, my summer is in full swing in the studio which matches the state of my garden. My spinach is overgrown and my flowers are in full bloom.

I think that this must have inspired me to start making a few more versions of my bud vases. I love the tapered mouth and the drips of this one. These flowers from my garden would look stunning in this vase. I love summer!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I thought that as a teacher I would have my summers free to sleep in, lay on the beach and read numerous novels. For some reason, I have been spending my whole summer in my studio instead. And, I'm liking it.

I had a request for a Cubicle Teapot - you know, the one or two cupper that can sit beside you at work. I don't usually make teapots because they are so time consuming. They have so many parts, the body, spout, handle and lid. But, I really had fun making these little guys. I can't wait to see them once they are glazed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tool Talk - Heat Gun

As you might already know, I just spent 2 weeks in Saskatchewan visiting family and fishing on those fabulous lakes in the northern part of the province. When I get to go back home, I love hanging out with my Dad because we can talk tools together. This time we were meandering through a liquidation tool center together and we found a heat gun for $15. Good thing that my hubby had extra room in his luggage so I could take it back on the plane.

If you haven't seen one before, think industrial strength 'hair dryer.' Mine even has two settings for light and heavy blowing action. Just be careful with it because it gets red hot and can melt those lovely plastic bags that we use to cover our work in progress.

A heat gun is great for setting up a soggy bowl that feels like it may slump. It firms up my tiny teabowls so that they do not dent as I remove them from my wheel head. Even better, it speeds up the production of my popular soap dishes. I never have enough of those in stock because of the long prep time. I designed a slight curve to my soap dishes to allow a small catch basin for handmade soap residue. The only problem was that I had to let them firm up before I could attach the feet or they would lose their lovely curve. This sometimes took all day depending on the humidity and if I forgot about them while they were drying, I would find warped dishes that could only be recycled again. Thanks to my new heat gun, I can just give them a blast of hot air and they are ready to go. And thanks Dad, for shopping with me :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art in the Park

My favorite time of the year is summer. I love eating ice-cream from Ed's, hanging out on the beach, and sipping Amercanos at Mercury Cafe. I haven't had much time for that yet since I am getting ready for another one of my favorite things.

I have been furiously creating new pottery to fill my booth at Art in the Park. This craft show is held under the beautiful old trees at the Harrison Estate grounds near the Scarborough Bluffs.

This is an intimate show with about 40 vendors selling everything from paintings and jewelry to fashion and pottery. Come for a visit and enjoy the scenic bluffs overlooking the Great Lake Ontario while you are there.

Show Date: Saturday July 26, 2008, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (rain or shine)
Location: Harrison Estate Grounds, 1859 Kingston Road, Scarborough, M1N 1T3

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The Etsy Mud Team held a soapdish challenge a while back and I was proud that my little bird dish was voted in the top 3. Check out the other fabulous dishes on the website.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have been so busy in the studio and just realized that I hadn't posted any pics of the completed clocks. I am pretty pleased with the results and have a few more just waiting to be glazed. My hubby really likes the lighter colors but I am partial to the dark olive blue.
I think I have found a new addiction. I guess clockmaking is better than Coke ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Coolest Etsy Purchase Ever!

I am so excited! I absolutly love this new piece I purchased from MaidofClay. The hand carved porcelain is so delicate which contrasts the graphic Typewriter key eyes.
The quality of the piece is beyond my highest expectation. It is titled 'Her Eyes Said Everything He Needed to Know' I love it!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Design

Wow! Where does the time go? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my little blog. I have been busy in the studio designing and coming up with some great new ideas.

I was inspired by some photos I took in Mexico last spring. I was fascinated by these little birds that would hang out on the beach with us. They would strut around and then tilt their head straight up into the sky. They would remain in that pose for quite a while, seemingly worshiping the sun - or that could have been my imagination since I was escaping from a hard cold Canadian winter at the time... In any case, I took a lot of photos of those birds just because the shape and silhouette was so clean and emotive. I knew I could do something with these images but it took me a full year to come back to them.

So here is the start of my new ceramic clock line. I am hoping to play around with this idea for a while so you will be seeing more in the future.

Here is a little trick I discovered when trying to making round holes for the clock part to fit through. I raided my tool box and experimented with hand drilling holes with actual drill bits. My favorite size is 3/8 and the bit is great because it actually carves out the the clay. The shape doesn't distort like it would if you just pressed into the clay. I love my tool box!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is a Busy Season

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks that I have been ignoring my blog a bit. It is the time that I need to research and apply to the summer art fairs. Then I need to start creating and making and throwing even more than usual! The great part about speeding up my production is that I get to open fresh kiln loads of ware more frequently. Here is one of my favorite glazes that has been twice fired to bring out the depth of blues. What do you think?

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here it is! I have finally finished my first ceramic clock. This is just a small 5 1/2 inch face but it is working smoothly for my first prototype. The sky is the limit now! I was a bit concerned about the shrinkage rate and warping issues of the clay but I shouldn't have worried.

I love clocks without numbers. Numbers are really quite redundant because everyone can tell time from the location of the hands. I think my next version will have numbers in the wrong location or maybe 13 hours marked off just to confuse everyone. I have a few just waiting to be glazed so I should have several in my Etsy shop soon.

OH, btw, I have been adding a lot of fabulous clay blogs to my link list at the sidebar. Check them out and I'm sure you will find some more favorites!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Treehouse Etsy Purchase has Arrived!

I have been waiting at my doorstep for our mail carrier to arrive every day this week and he has started to look at me funny. It is all because I couldn't resist ordering a tunic from Treehouse28. I adore all of her designs and just love my arm warmers that I bought earlier this year. She is definitely an Etsy success story as she is over run with orders and I understand why. She uses excellent quality fabrics and custom fits each piece to your specific measurements. Her designs are fresh and fun and super comfortable. I could live in her clothes. Next on my wish list is a pair of her comfy pants. I am going to wash the clay off my hands and go try on my new tunic. I love it already!

Google Yourself

OK, I know it sounds a bit vain, but I love googling myself. I type in Lurearts and suddenly I find a whole bunch of like minded people out there. After googling myself this afternoon, I was led to JellyBeans Art. Besides having a little blurb about my rings, I found JDWolfPottery was featured there, too. She is one of my favorites on the EMT (Etsy Mud Team) though I must say that all the mudders in that group are fabulous. I enjoy Jen's work mainly because of the colors she chooses. The earthy base glaze breaks around the rims of her bowls, leaving a speckled look that I find irresistible! Google yourself! You never know what you will find!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i like totally love it

I just found this great site full of the coolest stuff. I just spent a few hours searching through the site and found tonnes of fabulous gear. Check out my ceramic ring on the site and give me some love if you like it!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chopsticks and Pottery

There is something about using chopsticks and a handmade pottery bowl that automatically makes a meal taste good. I'm sure that there are people that will tell you that it is the fact that the natural materials do not taint the flavor of the food. Maybe it is a tactile pleasure that adds to the taste. The way the bowl fits in your hand and the way the chopsticks feel make the event enjoyable. I personally know that using my noodle bowls means that I just made a one-pot meal and having a lot less to clean later always makes a meal even tastier! Any way that I look at it, a hand made bowl with those two little sticks always makes my tummy rumble!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Playing Around

So I have been playing around with my new light system and am not super confident with it yet. Sometimes I just want avoid all the other stuff, like the promotions, sales, website update, photography, networking, etc, etc. In a perfect world I would just sit at my wheel and make stuff. But I guess the universe is telling me that I need to learn more. So here I am, fooling around with lighting and photoshop editing and hoping that I will learn enough to make my pottery as beautiful in a photograph as it is in person. Here is one of my newest product shots. I'm hoping that it isn't too bright because I know that computer monitors show images drastically different depending on their age. I am open to suggestions if you would like to help me out!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My New Light Tent

Yay, Hurray and other joyous noises! It's my birthday today and I received a huge package at my front door this morning. It was a present from myself. I ordered a light tent kit a few days ago off of ebay and it arrived so quickly! I have been struggling with my photographs for quite a while so I decided it was time to reinvest in my work with a light kit. I found a set that included 2 light tents with backgrounds, two tripod lights, a camera tripod and a fabulous carry case. I feel uber professional now! I spent all afternoon playing around so I thought I should post a pic of my kitchen table with all of the gear set up. Good thing my hubby is taking me out for birthday sushi tonight because our dining table has disappeared...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Pottery Business Cards

I finally got around to creating and ordering some new business cards from It was pretty easy with a little help from my husband the computer geek! Overnightprints let me download a template for Photoshop but I could have used almost any program. From there, I just drag and dropped some of my photographic images from ETSY, added some type and voila! They even gave me glossy cards for no extra charge. Once my design was set, I googled in hope of finding a coupon and sure enough, I found a coupon code for 10% off my order. They even let me pay through paypal. How easy is that! Now the hard part is just waiting until they arrive at my door...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Custom Order Farewell

Here are the finished ramekins that I discussed a few weeks ago. The glaze turned out just as I hoped. I made most of them entirely in Winter White but a few have Winter Green bands to give the set a bit of an eclectic feel. They turned out even better than I had hoped for. At the moment I am waiting as patiently as I can for an order of chemicals from Tucker's Pottery Supplies. It has snowed so much that I am not sure if they will be able to find my house under the mountains of white. I have a whole set of bisqued mugs waiting for a new batch of Stormy Sea Glaze. We have a long weekend coming up so I hope the chemicals get here soon. I would love to enjoy my Family Day stat working in my studio for most of the day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Addicted to handmade Soap

Wow, I am finding out that I have so many addictions! The latest is hand made soap from Etsy. I love those new scents like White tea with Ginger. The only problem is that they are a little more soluble than store bought soap. So, I decided a while back to make my own soap dishes that have ridges to catch the water drips that can cause handmade soap to go gooey. Here is a lovely one in Blue Hydrangea. It is about time that I start making stuff for me!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Here's My Piggy

I finally listed my little piggy magnet. My brilliant husband told me to match him up with a few ceramic truffles and list them as a set. I think they are adorable but the photos do not capture how cute they look on my fridge. Of course I kept a set for myself but I listed the others in my Etsy shop. If you know anyone with a pig fetish, send them my way.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Grandma's Hands

I always loved my grandma's hands. The loose translucent skin like a roadmap, the blue veins and wrinkles were her journey. I remember watching them at work, kneading dough with a rhythm that was hypnotic. I don't remember the sound of her voice anymore but I remember her working hands. Even as a child, I thought those hands were beautiful. They were strong yet delicate, methodical yet inspired. It wasn't the product of her work that kept me propped at the table mesmerized. It wasn't the bread with honey or pastries that kept me from joining the other children's games. It was that I wanted hands like hers, confident, efficient, and able to create. I look at my mother's hands and see a similar journey. Though she could never match my grandma's homemade bread, my mom still produces a garden as vast as the fields my dad harvests. Her hands tell of her work ethic. Finding myself far from the prairies and running my own household, I glanced at my hands tonight. The skin was not yet loose but was dry from wedging clay. As I rubbed lotion into my artist's hands, I noticed the rhythmic, habitual motion and I was proud. I studied the wrinkles, the creases still superficial, much like the smile lines at the creases of my eyes. My hands made me smile. I may slather cream on my face every evening to slow the aging process, but my hands, I look forward to seeing them weather, documenting my work ethic and mapping my journey.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What color are you?

I am all about color. I love Johannes Itten's books on color theory. I know, I am a geek but I can't help it. I even have Menza color puzzles flashcards on my coffee table. So here is a new little personality test to find out what html color you are. Its just a little fun so check it out when you have a minute. HTML color quiz

Here's my results:
you are lightskyblue

Your dominant hues are cyan and blue. You like people and enjoy making friends. You're conservative and like to make sure things make sense before you step into them, especially in relationships. You are curious but respected for your opinions by people who you sometimes wouldn't even suspect.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time to create!

There are times in the year that I just wish that the days were longer. I need to find about 4 more hours in my day to be able to make as much stuff as I would like. It is final exam time at the school where I work so I am swamped with marking assignments and papers while I just crave some time to get into my studio. I need to make a batch of mugs and olive trays, I need to mix up some more glazes, I need to test a few new glaze recipes and I have a couple custom order that just need to be glazed and fired. I feel very fortunate to be doing so well but I just wish I could find a few more hours in my day. I know what I will be doing this weekend...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Couldn't Resist

Really, I just couldn't resist this beauty. I hate every light fixture in my entire house. Actually I have never found a fixture that I actually liked. I find them all too clunky or ornate or boring or generic or.... until now. I was strolling online and found the Garland Shade Light by Designer Tord Boontje in the MOMA store online. I couldn't help myself. It is whimsical and organic but not huge and ostentatious. And, I could order it online while still in my PJs. I love online shopping! I'm not sure where I am going to put this fabulous light but wherever it goes, it will be the only light in the house that I adore!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in the Studio

I had a great Saturday in the Studio. A whole day to myself while my hubby works at his computer trying to make a deadline. I love Saturdays! I stay up late on Friday night for no particular reason, just because I can. Then I sleep in on Saturday. I love this simple pleasure. Hubby makes coffee for me and then I head down to the Studio. I am always productive on Saturdays because there is no pressure. I don't have to squeeze in an hour or two before running off somewhere. I take my time and enjoy experimenting a little more than usual. I have a few new prototypes on the go but am keeping them a secret until they are finished. But here are my new ramekins. They are a special order but I made a few extra for me. I have always wanted dishes to make baked apples in. Yummy!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here piggy piggy piggy

So here is the little piggy I was talking about. I plan on making him into a fridge magnet just for me. I'm not sure what color to make him yet though. Just not the traditional pink. Hmmm..any suggestions?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tool Talk - Cutters

I have found a new obsession with a certain clay tool and have started to hunt them down. I actually plan on making them into a collection. I plan to start perusing ebay and craigslist with a newfound passion. I had forgotten that my Mom left me a few in her box of old ceramic tools but now I plan to search those out too! It is a tool that is scavenged from the kitchen (like most of my favorite clay tools). It is the humble cookie cutter!

Now I don't plan on just taking the cookie cutter and cutting away and that is that. I will use it as I do any other tool. I will manipulate, texture, score, attach and who knows what else will happen to the clay on its journey to a final piece that is fired. The difficulty of using the cutters is to find the right size. Clay shrinks up to 15% throughout the drying and firing process so I have to be able to consider the shrinkage when I am contemplating a new cutter. I know how to make my own stamps and textured tools but cutters are a different world to me. I love that they have a sharp edge that cuts cleanly into clay. It is a bit tricky to get the clay out of small cutters without distorting the image, especially since I texture them prior to cutting.

My favorite so far are the vintage animal cutters. I just love my little pig and am waiting to complete my first piggy ring. Hilarious!

I would love to be able to make my own cutters so if anyone out there knows anything about making them please let me know. Otherwise, keep your eyes open for any cool vintage animals. I am on the lookout for bunnies!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New listing

Finally I have had a chance to list a new item on Etsy. It is a beautiful little bowl that I think would be perfect for ice cream. Everyone knows how much I love ice cream - especially Ed's homemade gelato! But I digress...

I was talking about inspiration and thought I would share a few books that have been recommended to me. I always find reading to be inspirational. It is easy for me to fall into new worlds and I think it accesses the creative part of my brain when I read. I always come up with new ideas for pottery when I am reading a really good book. I don't even have to try, the ideas just come to me. So, here are a few books that I haven't read yet but know I will love them:

The Red Tent
Eat, Pray, Love
Light House Keeping
Post Birthday World

If you have read any of these, please let me know what you think. The best books are always found through a friend!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, I made it through the tremors and shakes of studio withdrawal. Two weeks away from the studio doesn't sound that bad but it sure is tough. There are quite a few side effects. The first thing I noticed is that my fingernails started growing back. When I am throwing pots, it is essential to keep them short so I can move the clay walls properly. I have been told that I have great genes wen it comes to my nails. They are thick and strong and grow very fast so in just one week I had to get used to functioning with long nails again. I even polished them bright red for New Years. It felt like they were glowing. I was also able to use my sketchbook more often. I have had a little moleskin book in my purse since last Christmas. It was too beautiful to use just for everyday list making so it has been taking up space in my purse waiting for the day I would be brave enough to make a mark in it. Luckily, a five hour plane ride was the perfect time to find those great ideas. A few days out of the studio let my mind relax. Instead of thinking of that long list of things to do, I could let my thoughts wander. I had so many great new ideas that I filled half of my sketchbook in my two weeks off. Now I just have to finish my laundry before I get back to throwing again...