Monday, October 8, 2007

Coffee Shop Blogging

Its Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I would need several pages to list everything that I am thankful for. Besides the best turkey stuffing ever, I guess I have to be thankful for my computer crash a few weeks ago. After being off line for a few short weeks, I could already see a dip in traffic and sales on my blog and Etsy site. I know, that doesn't sound like a blessing but it let me know that everything that I was doing prior to the crash must have been working. All of the posting, commenting, listing, and chatting did make a difference. I am not quite back in full swing yet as I still need to get a few more programs up and running, but I should be in good shape before the holiday rush.

The other 'crash' related blessing was that I was able to use my Etsy earnings to buy a little laptop. Now I can do my blogging at one of my favorite cafes, Remarkable Bean. I love this little independent cafe for so many reasons. They roast their own beans in house so we can see the beans turn from green to chocolaty brown while we sit in the luscious scent of them roasting away. They have organic selections, a range of teas and of course their famous homemade cookies, quiche, and other snacks. In summer they have the most delicious freshly squeezed lemonade, too. One other huge benefit is that they have free wireless access. Other larger coffee chains expect $7.oo per hour from your Visa or higher monthly rates that I can't afford. Thank you Remarkable Bean for letting me feed my many addictions all in one place!

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