Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I thought that as a teacher I would have my summers free to sleep in, lay on the beach and read numerous novels. For some reason, I have been spending my whole summer in my studio instead. And, I'm liking it.

I had a request for a Cubicle Teapot - you know, the one or two cupper that can sit beside you at work. I don't usually make teapots because they are so time consuming. They have so many parts, the body, spout, handle and lid. But, I really had fun making these little guys. I can't wait to see them once they are glazed.


annewebb said...

tea tastes so much better out of a teapot than just made in the mug. Cubicle teapots.. what a great idea. :)

cynthia said...

Your teapots look great! I haven't made a tea pot in such a long time. I think part of it is because I don't really drink tea, so I'm not sure I appreciate the form as much as someone who does would.

Heather said...

One of those cubicle teapots is for me...I'm so pleased! We have a coffee machine that dispenses boiling hot water, too, but too many trips back to the lunchroom is frowned upon (the 'why aren't you working?' look). A cubicle tea pot is just the thing!