Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art + Yard Sale = Yart! on Etsy

So I have decided to join Etsy's wildly popular Yart Sale. I don't usually have sales in my shop since I keep my prices fairly low all year round. My philosophy is that good art and pottery should be affordable to all budgets. I remember longing for nice things when I was really broke just out of University and think it would be a better world if everyone could afford to drink from a nice handmade mug!

But...I would like to clear out my shop to get ready for a tonne of new stuff I plan to make this summer. If I sell a lot now, it will really motivate me to fill it up again. I have so many new ideas just waiting to be birthed. Help me out by getting some great pottery at a 10% discount. See my Etsy shop for details!

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