Friday, July 20, 2007

Dark Olive Glaze Recipe

OK I have to preface this recipe with a bit about my kiln. I have a little second hand kiln in my basement studio that I love. Its quite quirky like me and yet very reliable. I fire most of my glazes to Cone 6-7 but my kiln fires so fast that I get quite different results from most other kilns. That said, make sure that you test any of my recipes and feel free to tweak the colorants.

Midnight Olive
Base Gerstley Borate 44%
EPK 21%
Flint 35%
Add Copper 5%
Rutile 6%
Cobalt 3% or a bit more for a darker color

Its my easiest glaze to create because there are so few base ingredients. I'll have to post a pic of me with my mask on next time I mix glazes.

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Anonymous said...

hi there, I am interested in this glaze! it is beautiful! is the colbat and copper oxide or carbonate?