Monday, August 20, 2007

Drying Rack

Since I have a home studio, I have had to come up with storage solutions quite different from a larger commercial studio. My issue was shelving and a damp rack/ drying rack. I have some great little windows in my basement studio but that means that wall space is at a premium. I use my studio for so many things that I wanted to keep the layout functional and yet adaptable to many studio tasks. Most of my tables and storage are on lockable wheels so that I can shift them around the studio depending on the job I have to do that day. My best find was my portable drying or damp rack. Most studios have built in shelves or book shelves where you have to wrap everything in plastic. Sometimes I have seen shelves with canvas walls that can be soaked to keep things moist. I needed a fast and easy solution and found it at Canadian Tire! I purchased an indoor greenhouse shelf. It is designed to keep moisture in and has 4 shelves with a zip closure which is perfect for pottery. The shelves are woven wire so my pots dry evenly because air can flow underneath the pot as well. No more S-cracks in the bottom of my bowls. If I want to keep work damp, I mist the plastic walls of the shelf to get the humidity higher in the rack. Another benefit is that because the floor of the rack is not sealed, mold does not grow because there is a little bit of air movement. When it is empty, I also use this shelf to keep bisque ware clean. The plastic cover ensures that no dust settles on the bisque ware so that if I have a few extra pieces that are sitting around for a few weeks, they are fresh and ready to go once my production has caught up to fill the entire kiln. There are a few downfalls though. The design isn't super sturdy so I have to treat it with extra care. The wire shelves are a benefit once I figured out how to use them. As I said it is perfect for drying pots evenly. I just have to be careful not to set soft ware directly on the shelves or the wire leaves indentations. I solved this by adding portable wooden boards to two shelves. Soft pots sit at the back on the wood. Once they have been trimmed they are leatherhard and can sit directly on the wire without affecting anything. Another bonus is the price! Check it out on the Canadian Tire website.

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