Monday, August 27, 2007


I feel that I am quite lucky to live between two fabulous Pottery supply stores. What is even better is that they both deliver straight to my door. I am not quite eager enough to dig and prepare my own clay from the earth at this point in my life, so I love that I can get a variety of quality clay from Pottery Supply House also kown as PSH. At the moment I am using C515X Smooth Cream Stoneware and love the way I can use it for throwing and handbuilding. My favorite Raku comes from PSH also. White Sheba Raku clay has been recommended to me over and over again for very good reason. It is quite groggy yet pliable.

For my glaze supplies I order from Tucker's Pottery Supplies. Their website is very clear and user friendly so I can order a large variety of supplies with no hassle. They always make a personal phone call to confirm my orders and deliver within a day or two. I have also visited the Brick and Mortar store in Richmond Hill, Ontario but it is dangerous when all of the tools and glazes are on shelves right in front of you. On special occasions they have demonstrations from guest potters and of course great sales on tools and equipment. Fabulous!

For all of you in the US, PSH has included a way to convert your price to USD. Just looking through the sites has given me the urge to splurge on some new tools! Take a look and you may find some inspiration in either of these shops!

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