Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here it is! I have finally finished my first ceramic clock. This is just a small 5 1/2 inch face but it is working smoothly for my first prototype. The sky is the limit now! I was a bit concerned about the shrinkage rate and warping issues of the clay but I shouldn't have worried.

I love clocks without numbers. Numbers are really quite redundant because everyone can tell time from the location of the hands. I think my next version will have numbers in the wrong location or maybe 13 hours marked off just to confuse everyone. I have a few just waiting to be glazed so I should have several in my Etsy shop soon.

OH, btw, I have been adding a lot of fabulous clay blogs to my link list at the sidebar. Check them out and I'm sure you will find some more favorites!

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Chris McCormick said...

Ive never made a clock! think I need to. Great blog! Have added a link to you on my ceramic blog,
Keep up the good work!