Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chopsticks and Pottery

There is something about using chopsticks and a handmade pottery bowl that automatically makes a meal taste good. I'm sure that there are people that will tell you that it is the fact that the natural materials do not taint the flavor of the food. Maybe it is a tactile pleasure that adds to the taste. The way the bowl fits in your hand and the way the chopsticks feel make the event enjoyable. I personally know that using my noodle bowls means that I just made a one-pot meal and having a lot less to clean later always makes a meal even tastier! Any way that I look at it, a hand made bowl with those two little sticks always makes my tummy rumble!


Karma by Morgan said...

I agree!!! Organic everything, including pottery just tastes better. I really enjoy your blog and your work.

Good luck!!!

Ravenhill said...

I am smitten! Delightful pottery!

Pam McFadyen said...

Thanks so much Morgan and Ravenhill! Great to see you stopping by my little blog!