Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gift Registry

Whew, just in time for the crazy summer wedding season. I was contacted by My Handmade Registry because I was featured on their front page. I often get people asking how to create a registry on Etsy and here is the solution. This site lets anyone create of personal registry of Etsy items.

Dorana says, "I thought, "Hey! I CAN DO THIS!" : a Handmade Registry - a place where everyone can create a personal page with a list of their favorite items from only HANDMADE RETAILERS!"

Check it out: myhandmaderegistry

1 comment:

Dorana said...

thank you SO much for taking the time to blog about your feature on! we've updated our blog sponsor list with your link! thank you again for your support!

i cant wait to see YOUR HANDMADE WISH LIST so that we can feature your profile on our daily FRONT PAGE FEATURE!

siempre - dorana