Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year Inspiration

I think that I may have shared this great ceramic blog with you before, but it is time for a reminder. I don't really make New Year's resolutions because I'm a Pisces that tends to just swim in whatever direction suits me at the moment. My mind can never settle into one specific goal for a full year. It needs freedom to wander and get lost only to find something better along the way.

I have decided (but not resolved) to push my style into a little more creative path rather than the purely functional aesthetic that I have been producing lately. Don't worry, I'll still be making those great mugs and bowls and functional ware, but I want to throw in some more creative and possibly sculptural works too.

Before I ramble on too long, here is a great blog called (Mud)Bucket that I turn to for contemporary ceramic inspiration.

My newest obsession is this sculpture by Canadian Julie Moon!

I love the way the organic forms are held above the figures below. The repetition and grid of the layout contrasts with the variety and flow of organic shapes above and on the illustrations below. I love it!

So, anyways... though I could discuss the concept of moon's sculpture for pages, they reminded me of scent bottles. There goes my meandering Pisces train of thought again... So, I thought I may try making some scent bottles with stoppers in the near future. I plan on keeping my glaze aesthetic intact because for me, the form is most important so I do not want to distract from it with elaborate colored decoration. (Though I love it when other artists do). Scent bottles have always been on my list of things to eventually get to. So this year, maybe I will!

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