Sunday, September 16, 2007

I love Sundays

What a great day! I spent a little lime in my garden trimming my wanna be Bonsai trees. (They are actually really trimmed junipers) Then my hubby made me blueberry pancakes. I have been anxiously waiting for my kiln to cool down enough to check out my new teapots for the EMT teapot challenge. I haven't really made teapots before (except for that terrible one I made for a clay class...) so this was a bit of a challenge. Then I found out that I have been featured on the Etsy Mud Team Blog! If you check out all of the great interviews there you will find an assortment of very talented potters and I am quite honored to be a part of it! I'm off to go for a coffee downtown and plan to get one of those decadent carmelly ones! Cheers!

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