Saturday, September 1, 2007

Its a Keeper

I'm having a great long weekend! The sun is shining, my hubby took me for a fancy coffee downtown this afternoon, and I am anxiously waiting to open a new glaze firing. So, as I was cleaning up my studio in preparation for the new wares I will be taking out of the kiln, I realized that I have a studio full of pottery but I haven't really kept any of my new designs. My kitchen is full of my old wonky bowls but I don't really think of those as beautiful. So, I skipped down to my local florist and picked out a cute plant for my kitchen. I grabbed a new vase off of my 'for sale' shelf and took it outside to pot my little tree. Check it out, I now have a beautiful vase sitting on my windowsill that I can enjoy every day (as long as I don't kill the plant...)!

1 comment:

JDWolfe said...

I love this! Looks great! I never keep any of my own pieces either. My husband sometimes claims a piece, or else it would all be out the door to someone else.