Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, I made it through the tremors and shakes of studio withdrawal. Two weeks away from the studio doesn't sound that bad but it sure is tough. There are quite a few side effects. The first thing I noticed is that my fingernails started growing back. When I am throwing pots, it is essential to keep them short so I can move the clay walls properly. I have been told that I have great genes wen it comes to my nails. They are thick and strong and grow very fast so in just one week I had to get used to functioning with long nails again. I even polished them bright red for New Years. It felt like they were glowing. I was also able to use my sketchbook more often. I have had a little moleskin book in my purse since last Christmas. It was too beautiful to use just for everyday list making so it has been taking up space in my purse waiting for the day I would be brave enough to make a mark in it. Luckily, a five hour plane ride was the perfect time to find those great ideas. A few days out of the studio let my mind relax. Instead of thinking of that long list of things to do, I could let my thoughts wander. I had so many great new ideas that I filled half of my sketchbook in my two weeks off. Now I just have to finish my laundry before I get back to throwing again...

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