Monday, December 17, 2007

Wrap it up!

I have to confess that I am a gift wrapping junkie. I get it honestly from my Mom. She is famous for her handmade bows that include pinecones, ornaments, bells, and fabric ribbon. My Dad even promised to get her a holster for the hot glue gun she uses to attach the bows to the gift-wrapped boxes. I know, its not as bad as it sounds. They are quite gorgeous and tasteful (they are just hard to describe). We loved those fancy ribbons so much that after opening presents we would scavenge the torn wrappings to rescue the bows and save them for the next year. So now that I am grown up and live a few provinces away, I have to do my wrapping holsterless. I spent last night wrapping my gifts up carefully and packing them in my luggage, sandwiching them between my undies and woolly sweaters. Tonight, I am working on filling one more box with handmade bows and plan to attach them to the gifts once I get back to my mom's house. Maybe she will let me use her glue gun to stick them on the boxes!

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